Privacy Policy

simplyloans is dedicated to protecting your privacy and providing you with the highest level of service. We want you to understand how we gather information and what information we may share. We want you to know how we protect your information and what choices you have in what we do with that information. You Have Choices You may direct us not to contact you for marketing purposes by:

Telephone: 818-484-8806


You may direct us not to allow simplyloans companies to share or use your information in two ways:

  • Do not share, with other simplyloans companies, credit information about you that we receive from you or others; and
  • Limit simplyloans companies from marketing their products and services to you based on credit or transaction information about you that they receive from other Simplyloans companies.

How to Exercise Your Choices Send us your request via email to or click send us your request via our website contact us page.

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